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I believe in access.


Students should have access to an excellent education & educators that look like them. Educators should have access to information & opportunities to strengthen their craft. Aspiring educators should have access to the funds and resources to enter the profession. Everyone should have access to career opportunities to better their lives and the lives of others.


Entering the field of education is not cheap. I provide a $250 Grant to assist with certification exam costs.


I share my experience in education along with resources & tips on YouTube.


Your resume is the cover to the story of your career. I provide services to tailor your resume for your next role.


Resume Refashion

Send us your resume & we will give it a full makeover. This includes tweaking the content (i.e.word choice, changing qualitative bullet points to quantitative bullet points)  and redesigning the layout.


Get Looped In!

Your resume serves as the book

cover to your professional story. Present your best self with these 20 tips to refashion your resume. These are the very tips I keep top of mind when providing my Resume Refashion services!


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