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Supporting the AANHPI Community

Too Long Don't Feel Like Reading? Here is your one stop shop ;-)

At the top of the pandemic last year, there was an increase in public displays of xenophobia. It did not help that public figures in positions of power began utilizing gross terminology for COVID-19 such as the Chinese virus.

As someone in the field of education, my first thought is always “How would I address this topic in my classroom?“ While I am no longer in the classroom, this is still often my first thought.

I shared some resources on Twitter during that time. A year later, hate crimes against individuals in the AANHPI (Asian American, Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander) community continues to rise. As such, I found it important to compile some resources here on my site. Hope this helps!


Coronavirus fears show how 'model minority' Asian Americans become the 'yellow peril'

Microaggressions against Asians emerge on campus amid coronavirus outbreak in China

Why Asians in masks should not be the “face” of the coronavirus

Bullies attack Asian American teen at school, accusing him of having coronavirus


For my educators, here were the resources I shared for fostering classroom discussion with your scholars.

Speaking Up Against Racism Around the New Coronavirus

Stop Using The Coronavirus As An Excuse To Be Racist


If you are walker and not simply a talker, here are some resources to help you take action.

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