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An equitable and excellent education is not accessible to all students across the nation. I entered the field of education because I feel as though this should be a right granted to all. Many barriers currently stand in place primarily due to the systematic issues surrounding race that plague our nation. These issues impact people of color and people from a low socioeconomic status the most. The cycle often repeats itself from generation to generation, and from childhood to adulthood. Diversity, equity and inclusion work is important to me.


When I entered the teaching profession, I entered through Teach For America. Through the organization, I was granted a great deal of assistance that aided in my transition into the field of education. It does not go unnoticed that this privilege contributed to my ease & success in the field. I recognize that not everyone is afforded those same opportunities.


I believe that children should have qualified teachers before them. I am passionate about little Black boys and little Black girls having teachers who care about them AND look like them. Representation matters. The ability to cover the costs of entering the profession may be taxing for some, and I do not want students to miss out on having an impactful teacher because someone could not afford to enter the profession.


It is my hope that this grant can help alleviate some of the financial barriers that some may have as they enter the teaching profession. I hope that as Beauty and the Brief grows, I am able to assist more people achieve their goals in the field of education. This is only the beginning.

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Pretty & Professional Grant

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